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Cleaning & Repairs

Awning Cleaning and Repairs

awning before after cleaning

Canopy Cover before cleaning and after cleaning

Professional Awning Cleaning

It is highly recommended that you clean any outdoor fabric every few years to prolong the life of your awnings, canopies, truck or boat covers, curtains and more.

Bill’s Canvas Shop offers you awning cleaning & repair services, as well as canvas cleaning and repair.  All cleaning and repairs are preformed on our premises in Woodbine NJ.

To clean your awnings, canopies, covers and curtains, we use professional cleaning products that gently but thoroughly remove the embedded dirt, grime and mold without damaging the fabric. Fabric cleaning is completed by hand and air dried for a gentle and thorough cleaning process.  This also keeps our high quality standards in our control.

We also reapply a repellent to ensure that they continue to resist water, mold, mildew, rust and sun.

Is Awning Fabric and Marine Fabric Cleaning Really Necessary?

partially cleaned awning fabric

Partially Cleaned Awning Fabric

Awning cleaning is one of the most beneficial methods to keep your awning or marine fabric investment looking beautiful for many years.

Commercial awnings should be kept attractive whether they are used to protect your business from the elements, enhance the architectural theme of the building, or act as signage.

Besides the esthetic aspect of awning cleaning, keeping an awning clean helps to sustain the useful life of the awning.

Awning and Canvas Repair

Awning Repair

Our Experienced Staff Repairing a Canopy Cover

If the fabric of your awning, canopy, boat cover or curtains is in disrepair, we also offer our awning repair and canvas repair services. Our industrial sewing team can expertly repair rips, tears, fraying seams and more in your awning, canopy, cover and curtains.

  • Restitching
  • Braid repairs and replacements
  • Zipper repair, replacement, and lubrication
  • Snap, fastener, and grommet repair and replacement
  • Boat enclosure window and screen replacement
  • Velcro replacement
Inspecting Awning Cover for needed repairs

Inspecting Awning Cover for Needed Repairs

Too damaged to reclaim?

If your awning has a frame that’s still in good shape, we will be happy to provide you with an estimate to custom make a replacement.

This awning or cover will be crafted to your existing frame and will be far more affordable than buying a brand new one.

We will also store your fabric cover for the winter after cleaning or repair in our fully insured warehouse. We tag each item and place them in our clean, safe storage area, all ready for spring.