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Commercial Awnings

Store Front Awning

Business Canopies and Awnings

Our custom business awnings are made right her in our “state of the art” fabrication facility in Woodbine NJ. Whether it’s a door hood, a retractable awning or something a little more out of the ordinary, Bill’s Canvas Shop has the skills and expertise to meet your needs. We pride ourselves in building the right fabric structure for your business.

Entrance Canopies

Entrance Canopy

Not only can Entrance Canopies or Covered Walkways serve as an architectural feature but they also give the practical benefits of providing protection from the weather and leading visitors to the proper entrance.

Storefront Awnings


Storefront Awnings help to establish your business’s identity. As the most visible portion of your office or store front, your awning is the face of your business. Storefront awnings also have light options.  Many business use window awnings on their store fronts to reduce the fading of products and furnishings.

 Vestibule Enclosures

Vestibule Enclosure with Curtains

Vestibule Enclosures with side curtains give comfort to your patrons and announces the entrance to your establishment

Provide shelter to their customers as well as expand their outdoor spaces.

Retractable Business Awnings

Retractable Business Awning

Retractable Business Awnings – Shade with the touch of a button

Today, commercial properties take advantage of the same ease of use that retractable awnings have provided home owners, while still meeting the rigorous demands of commercial building codes.

Stationary or Fixed Commercial Canopies


Stationary Pool Side Canopy

Our Stationary Canopies are made specifically for commercial requirements, they are durable and long-lasting and retain their beauty through the years.

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