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Bill’s Canvas Shop Is Open for Business

Bill’s Canvas Shop will continue to operate in as close to normal fashion as possible given the present situation of COVID-19.

As a manufacturer and contractor we are permitted to be open; customers are not permitted in the office.  However, you may call for an appointment to talk to the sales department or customer service at 609-861-9838. 

Our sales people will stay outside your home taking measurements, etc., and will then speak with you using the best practice of social distancing.

While some changes to our normal operating procedures have been implemented, we will do our best to limit any delays.  Hopefully any inconvenience will be kept to a minimum.

Seasonal services are carrying on so that you may be able to enjoy your awnings once the immediate crisis has abated.  We ask our customers to keep the mandated social distance from our employees while they are working at your site. We will do everything in our power to keep as close to your scheduled time as possible.

The health and safety of our customers and employees is our primary concern.

By following the recommendations of the state and federal governments, we can all do our part in minimizing this pandemic together.



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