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Exterior Solar Screens

Exterior Solar Screens on Balonies

Exterior Solar Screens create enclosed screened-in balconies at this condo establishment, also provides privacy.

Exterior Solar Screens are the first line of protection against harmful UV rays, heat, and glare.

How does this work, see the illustration below:

Illustration of how Exterior Screens Block the sun

Illustration of How Our Exterior Solar Screens Work to Block the Sun’s UV rays

Our Exterior Shading Systems help to decrease interior fading from damaging UV rays, reduce energy bills and give you control of your home’s natural lighting and privacy.  An Exterior Solar Shade can also keep out inclement weather and insects. We have various models, motorization, automation and hardware choices of exterior solar shades, customized to suit your unique goals.

exterior screen porch

These screens create a barrier for the Sun’s Rays, insects and the wind and best part is you can still keep the view!

Exterior Solar Shades can be used in many situations, below are just a few:

 Control the Sun From Entering Your Home

home with solar shades

Because shade fabrics block the sun before it passes through glass, (transferring light into heat energy) they can dramatically improve the quality of life in a room they are installed onto. This can lower the cost of air conditioning.

Screen In Your Pergola

Screen on pergola

If you need pergola shades, we can help! Solar shades can be installed around the perimeter of your pergola or gazebo to close it in. We can help even if you need to shade the sun from the top we have the perfect solution >>>

Get the Privacy You need with our Exterior Solar Screens

Privacy screen

Our motorized solar screens can handle large or multiple windows and give you complete privacy with the choice of blackout fabric option.

Use of our Exterior Screens is only limited by your imagination

shade for outdoor dock area

This Family made a combination of a free-standing retractable awning with retractable solar shades for the ultimate in shaded entertainment.

Outdoor Dining without the Sun’s Heat and Glare

screens on patio

Solar Screen Shades can control the sun and reduce the sun’s glare when dining outdoors on your patio.

Businesses Find Many uses for our Exterior Solar Screens

This Motel uses our Solar Screen Shades to Keep their Clients Cool and Comfortable.

This Motel uses our Solar Screen Shades to Keep their Clients Cool and Comfortable.