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Awnings for Residential Pergolas

Pinnacle System | Gennius System

Weather-Proof Pergola Awning

The Gennius Weather-Proof Pergola Awning

Retractable Pergola Awnings

The Pinnacle Retractable Shading Structure

Pergola Awning with Drop Screen

Pergola Awning with Drop Screen for additional shading

The Pinnacle has two models:

The Pinnacle

Pergola with Integrated retractable awning

Pergola with Integrated motorized retractable awning

A pergola with an integrated motorized retractable awning designed to be mounted to a wall (as illustrated above).


Retracrtable awning on pergola

Motorized Retractable Shade Awning Mounted on Existing Pergola

A retractable motorized awning that can be mounted directly on your existing pergola. They can even be used to shade skylights.

Pergola Awnings Have:

  • Cassette hood and tray with self-cleaning debris brush protects fabric when retracted
  • Can be installed flat with zero pitch or with as much as needed to block the sun
  • Optional retractable solar screens can completely enclose the sides for additional weather protection. Choose your UV protection with different fabric patterns and densities available.
  • The frame is a rust proof T6061-T6 tempered aluminum alloy framework available in White, Brown, Ivory and Sand Qualicoat powder coated frame colors.
  • Hundreds of colors and styles from Sunbrella , Sattler, Para and Dickson: all 100% solution dyed acrylics fabrics.

Weather-proof Retractable Awning System

Retractable Pergola Awning on Porch

Retractable Pergola Awning on Porch

The GENNIUS is a unique concept in retractable awning systems. The GENNIUS can:

  • Stand up to the wind
  • Protect you from the rain or harmful UV rays
  • Optional Front Drop Valance to Reduce sun glare
  • Keep you cool and comfortable in the brightest sunshine
  • Give you the comfort of an additional outdoor room, or replace a patio enclosure
  • Cover a small deck, large patio or expansive outdoor dining area

Be sure to ask about the optional integrated rainwater management features and our incorporated lighting and audio systems.

Poolside GENNIUS with shade curtains

Poolside GENNIUS with shade curtains