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Residential Retractable Awnings

Looking for a Motorized Awning for Your Home?


Motorized Retractable Awnings

Bill’s Canvas Shop has a huge selection to fit your specific situation.

Cassette Style Retractable Awning

Cassette Style Retractable Awning

Cassette Style Retractable Awning

What is a Cassette Style Retractable Awning?

These awnings have an integrated hood and tray that wraps from the top around the back and bottom of the awning.  This is actually an automatic fabric protection system.

When would this style be beneficial to me and the longevity of the awning?

The cassette style awnings are popular and the best option when mounting your retractable awning on the roof.  Although many choose this option for wall and under soffit mounting also because of the far superior weather protection for the fabric, motor and operating mechanisms versus optional hood style awnings, and significantly extends the anticipated lifespan of your awning’s fabric cover.

We offer a semi-cassette and a full-cassette fabric protection hood.

View of Cassette Awning Protective Enclosure

View of Cassette Awning Protective Enclosure

Retractable Awnings with Optional Standard Hoods

retractable patio awnings

Double Retractable Patio Awnings

Bill’s Canvas Shop has a huge selection of retractable awnings with standard hoods.  Many can be operated manually or with motorization. Our awning widths range from 7 feet to 40 feet and awning projections of up to 15′ 11″. Choose from several hundred fabric colors and patterns.

Some of our most popular retractable awnings are:

Newest retractable: Qubica

Qubica’s design combines the very best of functionality and style.

Qubica Flat retractable awning

Qubica Flat Retractable Awning

Qubica Plumb retractable awning

Qubica Plumb Retractable Awning

Available with all our fabric choices in two frame shapes and three frame colors, hardware and fasteners are hidden from view to create an elegant appearance.

Light arms on qubica retractable awnings

Qubica Plumb with lights

The new Aki arm with integrated, recessed LED lighting creates a warm, inviting space to entertain into the evening hours, or to brighten up a cloudy day.


Elite Plus – Full Featured

Awning with Drop Valance

Elite Plus Retractable Awning with Drop Valance

The Elite Plus is packed with options that allow it to fit into the most typical applications.

Triumph – Heavy Duty Awning

Heavy-Duty Patio Awning

Heavy-Duty Patio Awning

The Triumph is built for large projections.  Engineered with forged arm components, this awning is designed for larger decks and patios.

Regal – Most Affordable

Affordable Retractable Awning

Affordable Retractable Awning

Regal is a retractable awning designed for the budget-minded.

How are Retractable Awnings Installed ?

This is a job best left to professional awning installers. A qualified installer inspects and locates the structural framework of your home.  This is so a decision can be made as to where the awning installation brackets can be attached to wall studs or headers. If your awning needs to be mounted on your roof the installer will attach the brackets that hold the awning into your rafters.

There are certain techniques that are used to prevent cracks and water-proof for leak prevention.


Fully Equipped Truck On Their Way to Install An Awning

 We arrive at your site with a fully equipped truck and experienced installers.