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Restaurant enclosure to increase year-round service

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Utilize more of your outdoor dining area and seat more customers throughout the year.  Bill’s Canvas Shop can create a retractable enclosure to provide shade and protection from hot sun, wind, rain or chill for most of the year.  Install retractable curtains and enclose your outdoor area to create an outdoor room with the push of a button.  You provide a new and comfortable dining area and experience for your customers.  Alfresco dining underneath a retractable awning is desired by customers when it is too hot or raining outside.  Open up the roof with the push of a button when on a gorgeous spring or autumnal day to enjoy the benefit of fresh air and the surrounding landscape to escape day-to-day stress. Customers will enjoy dining and drinking at your establishment and you will get a ROI quickly.  Call us now to find out how we can create this for you!

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