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Seasonal Services

Stationary Canopy

Stationary Deck Canopy with Cut Out to Give Additional Head Room for the Steps

Prolong the life of your canopy by using our seasonal servicing and maintenance program.

With our seasonal service and maintenance program, we can help you extend the life of your awnings or canopies, and take care of your over-winter awning storage.

Below is a general idea on how our program may work:

  • In the Fall we remove your awnings or canopies that are not designed to withstand the harsh winter we have in New Jersey.  Every year we take hundreds of awnings down in the fall, store them through the winter, and re-install them in the spring. Call us for more information on this optional service—for the small fee it can really extend the life of your awning investment.
  • During the winter, we make any repairs (stitching of tears etc.) that might be needed to keep your canopies or awnings in good condition.
  • Should your canopy or awning need cleaning we hand clean your cover.  We completely hand clean your awnings, both fabric and vinyl awnings. Overtime environmental debris can collect between the weave of fabric awnings and on top of vinyl awnings.  Mold and mildew grow in the debris. Regular awning cleanings can remove this road dirt, pollution, mildew and other destructive elements. Over time, this dirt and debris can stress the material and cause it to age more quickly. Just as with interior upholstery, regular cleanings can add years to the life of your fabric awnings and help to properly maintain them. Call us for more information on this optional service. This can be combined with our winter storage service so that come spring your awnings will be clean and ready for the season.
  • We store your awning or canopy cover over the winter.
  • In the Spring we put your awning or canopy back up.
  • If an awning can’t be repaired we can also recover existing awning frames for a brand new look at an affordable price
Yellow Canopy

Deck Canopy that should be removed during the winter