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Storefront Awnings

Awning and Canopies for Storefronts and Businesses

Storefront Canopy Stone Harbor NJ

Storefront Awning with Graphics in Stone Harbor, NJ

Want to capture the attention of new customers?

Do it by installing a storefront awning with signage.

storefront canopy

Storefront Awning with Graphics

Custom-made awnings from Bill’s Canvas Shop, can enhance your storefront and help maximize street visibility by reinforcing your company’s image and branding. Our awnings and frames are fabricated in our state-of-the art facility in Woodbine, NJ.  With our over 40 years’ experience our awnings and canopies reflect the best craftsmanship in the industry to make your business stand out.

waterfall style storefront canopy

Storefront Awning with Branding Graphics

If you want to promote your business at night we offer custom illuminated awning designs.

back-lit canopy

Back-lit Canopy

We can imprint your companies message or logo on your awnings.

Storefront awning wildwood crest

Storefront awning with graphics in Wildwood Crest, NJ

If your current storefront canopy has seen better days ask us about replacing older awning covers with new awnings or if your frame is still in good condition a new recover for a bright clean look.

We work with all types of business, small, medium or large!

Whether you’re an independent business or a chain/franchise, we have a solution for you! We are equipped to build, design, and install any type of awning, canopy, or dome.

Storefront Boardwalk Awning

Storefront Boardwalk Awning