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Vestibule Enclosures

‘s Enclosures for Vestibules, Dining areas and Sidewalks

vestibule enclosure

Restaurant Vestibule Enclosure provides comfort for waiting patrons

Business owners use vestibules and enclosures to provide shelter to their customers as well as expand their outdoor spaces.

At Bill’s Canvas Shop we design and install custom vestibules and sidewalk enclosures to fit any type of entrance, exit or outdoor dining area to provide protection for your customers and your building.

dining area enclosure

Dining Area Enclosure with Zip Windows

Fabricated expressly for commercial situations, our vestibules and enclosures are durable and long-lasting, yet more cost effective than traditional construction options.

vestibule enclosure with graphics on door

Vestibule with graphics on the door

We provide full design, manufacturing and installation services at our state-of-the-art facility in Woodbine NJ.  Our experience staff ensures that your vestibule or enclosure will meet all local requirements before it is installed.

How will a Vestibule or Enclosure Help My Business?

  • Reduces Energy Costs by keeping your heating or cooling in your main building
  • They can act as windbreaks to protect clients
  • Announces your entry way
  • Allows you to extend the seasonal use of your space
  • Add additional seating to your restaurant or banquet facility.
  • Smoking enclosures compliment many building policies

We can make windows for your enclosure, there is an option to zip these open for fresh air.

enclosure restaurant nj

Entry Enclosure for Restaurant in New Jersey